All sales of stamps by John Lister (the Company) are subject to the following conditions:

1. All stamps offered by the Company are subject to stock being available.

2. Prices as shown in the Company's price list or quoted in correspondence by the Company are subject to alteration without notice.

3. There shall be no contract until the Company gives written acceptance of a specific offer.

4. In the event of the Company being prevented or delayed from delivering any stamps by reason of fire, theft, or other event outside the control of the Company, the Company shall be entitled as its discretion not to fulfill the order.

5 (a). Deliveries of stamps by the Company on approval may be returned to the Company by registered post within 3 days of receipt. Any stamps not returned to the Company within 3 days of receipt or which have been sent to the Company other than by registered post and are lost in the post or which are returned damaged will be deemed to have been purchased at the prices stated on the Company's invoice.

(b). Any stamps not to your entire satisfaction as regards condition may be returned to the Company by registered post within 3 days. Under no circumstances will any return stamps be accepted by the Company after 3 days or where the stamps have been damaged or where the stamps have been returned other than by registered post and have been lost in the post.

6. Stamps the subject of any agreement by the Company to sell shall be at the risk of the intending purchaser as soon as they are delivered to the purchaser but shall remain sole and absolute property of the Company as legal and equitable owner until such time as the full price as shown on the Company's invoice shall have been paid and if the intending purchaser sells the stamps before they have been so paid for then the Company shall have the right to the proceeds of such sale.

7. A charge of 2% per month will be made by the Company on any unpaid balance of the full price as shown on the Company's invoice on the last day of each month commencing on the last day of the month following the month in which the stamps were delivered.

8. Unless otherwise described the Company makes every effort to ensure that all stamps sold by the Company shall be in all respects genuine originals and all stamps are offered for sale as such. If the stamps delivered by the Company are not in accordance with their description and have not been certified as set out below and are returned to the Company within 6 years. The Company undertakes to refund the price paid to the Company in respect of those stamps which are returned in the same condition as they were delivered, but the Company shall have no other liability. If any stamp is certified as genuine by the Expert Committee of the Royal Philatelic Society of London or the British Philatelic Association Limited, no claim shall lie against the Company in respect of any error, omission or mistake in such certificate. This guarantee is as approved by the British Philatelic Association Limited and the Royal Philatelic Society.

9. Postage and Packing extra, UK 20% VAT extra, EU 20% extra or EU Dealers send your VAT number.

10. The conditions shall be subject to the laws of England and the English Courts shall have sole jurisdiction.

11.The total value of an order must exceed £30.00 unless not less than 10 of any one set is ordered.

12.We accept want lists, but do make a charge of £5.00 for pricing them. This charge will be deducted from your first order.

Payment can be made by Cash, Cheque GB£ US$.

John Lister Ltd registered address is Galla House, 695 High Road, North Finchley, London, N12 OBT. Company reg number 472989. VAT reg number GB 239 3780 36.